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Posted by Lou on Jan 17, 2005

OK here is what I did.

I put the seat that came in the kit together. It was real obvious that it would not last long if I was using it (piece of junk). Per some suggestions and some thinking on my own; I have spent the day building a new seat. I made the frame out of 5/4 cedar, and the slats out of ash. I changed the shape so that I think it should be more comfortable to sit on. I combined the original shape and the shape of the Adirondack style lawn furniture I built a couple of summers ago. I will be adding a feature to the rails so I can adjust the seat for trim like I can with my Wenona canoe.

I know all about the molded tractor seats in the expensive canoes, as I have owned one for many years. They put my legs to sleep, and are hard to add any padding on them. I have always thought that building some frames out of ash and weaving them like I did my snowshoes and the chairs that look like snowshoes, which I built for my sun porch would be a good idea. Maybe I wouldn’t fall in the drink everytime I tried to stand up after a long paddling session if I made the change. On the other hand it sure is a light boat to carry the way it is.

Thank you all very much for the help. If I don't like the seat I just made I guess I could always build another one. Maybe even bend an ash frame for the seat and backrest and weave them.

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