Carbide Scraper Deal

Posted by Mac on Jan 9, 2005


There's a HYDE 2 1/2" two-handed Carbide scraper (new) for sale on eBay for about $11.20 US shipping included. Tis a beauty (I just bought the other one).

Search on carbide scraper and look for seller 77777777333 in candler n.c. His name's Greg Gustavus, and he's a very nice guy.

I just LOVE carbide scrapers for green and even cured epoxy drips and sags. The 2 1/2 inch blade is slightly wider than the 2" I presently use, and will be even less prone to any gouging.

Believe me, judicious use of a carbide scraper will easily save 8 bucks in sand paper, and ya don't have to wear a mask, and it doesn't make any noise, and it only takes off the high spots and...did I mention I love scrapers?





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