Re: Ches 16 - Cockpit Gla

Posted by LeeG on Jan 7, 2005

yep,,,half the time a person overdoes the cleaning thing,,I think a vacuum or brush is good enough after sanding. If there's something that requires a solvent to remove then there's something wrong with to begin with and it'll take more than a cursory wipe with alcohol to remove it. Especially in the case of cured silicone sealant if one is re-varnishing/repairing and the sander goes over a blob of silicone. I think the cleaning bit,,and mistakes like using a waxy tack cloth come from an effort to eliminate "contamination" (of unknown origin and source?) that can cause fisheyes. When fisheyes are just in the nature of the beast,something that can happen when using a laminating resin as a surface coating and isn't always caused by "contamination".

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