Re: Spray Skirt Safety

Posted by Dave Houser on Jan 6, 2005

My lip is one layer of 4 mm plywood that overhangs 3/4 in. and is 3/4 in. above the deck. I radiused the top and bottom corners of the lip. My nylon skirt slides off with just a backward pull my neoprene requires a forward and upward pull. When buying a neoprene skirt it is wise not get one too tight that requires a lot of stretching. Not only are tight spray skirts hard to get on they are also hard to get off. Neoprene skirts are great. They do not leak. They are warmer. And they stretch and do not pop off when rolling, bracing or sculling.

Some people have had trouble removing their skirts the first time they find themselves upside-down underwater. So it is wise to practice removing the skirt before going onto the water with one in place. Practice while watching and then with your eyes shut. Then practice a couple times upside-down in the water with help standing next to your kayak. Always check that the grab loop is outside of the cockpit. A wiffle golf ball zip tied to the grab loop is a big help underwater both visually and tactually.

It is also wise to practice skirt removal by grabbing the side of the skirt where the bungeee is the straightest. With an injured shoulder or a trapped grab loop the side grab is your savior.

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