Re: What happened to Hous

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 6, 2005

Howdy, Kurt... sorry 'bout that, but when ya got three people trying to reach a consensus, you sometimes have to go with the flow.

There are no suitable places near Houston where you have camping *and* ready water access, except Huntsville State Park, 'bout an hour north of H'ston. I was pushing for it, or Lake Texana down towards Victoria, when Gerald and John settled on Inks Lake. So I went along in the interests of peace, harmony and smooth sailing.

However... There are still lots of kayak builders in and around Houston, and one of them even suggested organizing our own meeting. And heck, I don't see why not. Maybe just pick a Saturday and get together at Armand Bayou? What do you think?

Cheers, Kurt II

In Response to: What happened to Houston? by Kurt Loup on Jan 5, 2005



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