Re: Ches 16 - Cockpit Gla

Posted by CLC on Jan 6, 2005

>>>>>>>>>>So my question is what do I do about the cockpit glass. Can I lay it down and put another coat of epoxy over, or do need to first sand off the epoxy from the cockpit area and then glass it.


Specifically to this question, if the epoxy coating in the cockpit has sat around for more than a few days, even with the no-blush Slow hardener, you run a risk of having the fiberglass sheathing not get a strong bond due to surface contaminants. You really need to give the whole area in question a thorough "scuff-sanding," no "holidays" allowed, before you lay in the 'glass. 120grit will do it, but an extra-coarse ScotchBright pad works well, too. Wipe out the dust with denatured alcohol.

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