Re: Ches 16 - Cockpit Gla

Posted by Rick on Jan 5, 2005

Oh well then I think you're fine, actually as I understand it, this is probably the preferred way to lay up glass. On the first coat (w/o glass), you get presumably get better permeation of the epoxy into the wood (since the glass isn't there to absorb some epoxy and also prevent the roller or sqeegee from really pressing into the wood). Then you get a better molecular bond between the glass and the epoxy and fill any pinholes or bare spots as well when you later apply the glass and epoxy coat.

I think the boat is generally over built in the first place and generally we don't need to take such precautions (and also use the extra epoxy on that first bare wood coat), but my understanding is that your sequence would probably result in a stronger cockpit than the standard build sequence.

Good luck and Have fun!


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