Re: Ches 16 - Cockpit Gla

Posted by Rick on Jan 5, 2005

As I understand it, the cockpit glass sheet which strectches bulkhead to bulkhead is primarily for abrasion resistance and secondarily for strength to handle the weight load of the paddler. So installing it following a prior coat of epoxy had dried is no big deal.

However, a much more important question which comes to mind is whether you embedded glass strips in the fillets and saturated then to bond the fillet together with the hull panels. IMHO, the glass/fillet/panel bond is critical for locking the hull panels together with the joint (fillet). I think this question is best answered by CLC and wonder if it may indeed involve an additional fillet?

Rick WR164 C18

In Response to: Ches 16 - Cockpit Glass by Josh G on Jan 5, 2005



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