Re: Sealine springloaded

Posted by LeeG on Jan 5, 2005

Good to hear about the changed pivot point. Jay said it took breaking a few blades before it was changed. Sounded like how the kick up Pram rudder got developed,,feedback from use. I was relieved to find out the skeg worked well, I rigged the above one and paddled it on the South River a couple weeks after it was offered as a kit. It is a simple and effective skeg, more desirable than a push/pull deployment if the cleat allows for easy adjustment. As shown in the above photograph the high lever pivot interferes with the kind of self-rescue (cowbow) that skegs are supposed to make easier compared to rudders. Is the pivot a wood dowell? If that was worn and soaking up water (sand wearing through epoxy coat) how would you go about replacing it?

The $300 price that QCC charges for an optional skeg may not necessarily reflect the cost to use one blade in a kit. I figure if I bought the blade only for $30 the wholesale is close to $18,,sure that's more expensive than plywood but it's a lot cheaper than a Feathercraft rudder and closer to the cost of Yakima braces.

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