Ches 16 - Cockpit Glass

Posted by Josh G on Jan 5, 2005

I have posted here a couple of times and you all are so helpful I thought I would run this one by you. I have a Chesapeake 16 that I just did Fillets and coated the inside with one coat of epoxy... Now as I was working on making the deck beams, something struck me. I didn't put down glass in the cockpit before I coated it with epoxy.....

So my question is what do I do about the cockpit glass. Can I lay it down and put another coat of epoxy over, or do need to first sand off the epoxy from the cockpit area and then glass it.

One other one while I am thinking of it... I am building straight from the New Kayak Shop book. In regards to deck beams, it doesn't give me a width. I cut strips about 1 1/4" as it will be about 1" thick.. Does that sound about right?

Look forward to your answers




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