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Posted by LeeG on Jan 4, 2005

I think if you did a survey of paddlers leaky hatches , skirts(nylon), bulkheads(some production ones in plastic kayaks) exceed the incidence of leaky skeg boxes. If you've figured out how to have relatively leakproof hatches ( a cup? ) in rough use then leak proof skeg boxes shouldn't be too hard a challenge given that nothing is being opened/closed.

Jamming little rocks into skeg boxes is fairly common but should be less so with a foil blade and coating the interior of the skeg box with graphite. It would seem to me that with a foil blade if there's rocks above the wide part of the blade the can't jam because they are smaller than the space and would release when the blade is released. Also using a line release method with a strong ss spring there wouldn't be any chance of impacts folding a rod of popping a housing. I heard the plastic blade on the CLC skeg would break at the pivot hole if the kayak was jammed repeatedly onto a rack,,is it still the same design blade?

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