Custom made Spraydecks?

Posted by Gavin H on Jan 4, 2005

After some searching here in Australia for spraydecks to suit my almost completed (but very sea worthy) cheaspeake 16 and 17's (same cockpit), I found I had to get them custom made (ie 2-3 weeks from Ozzie supplier).

Not a real issue, but perhaps could catch people who are on a tight constuction schedule.

When my spraydecks arrived, I did a dry run of sitting in the kayak, installing and removing the spraydeck. What I found was the leading edge of the cockpit was too square to release the spraydeck cleanly.

My solution was to plane the two front corners into almost a semi circle.

Has anyone else had this problem?

By the way, I ended up ording my spraydecks from the UK. They use a new fabric, similar properties to neoprene, except instead of being 4mm(1/4"), it's 1mm(1/16"). I'm very happy with the final product, and the delivery time. They quoted 3 weeks to manufacture, and it arrived in 4 weeks, including christmas week.



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