Sealine springloaded blad

Posted by LeeG on Jan 4, 2005

for some reason the blade is really cheap,,a fraction of the full rudder system cost. Since the blade is a large part of why the Sealine works so well as a rudder (low drag foil) why not use that? Perception has a crude spring loaded skeg using a bungie in the skeg box pivot and line release like CLCs on deck one. But it doesn't work for long with the bungie submerged in the water. There are other British boats with the line release method of deployment so it's a clue it works. Why not combine a few workable systems,,line deployment in a skeg box that doesn't pierce the deck (I don't know of any deck piercing skegs on production kayaks) AND a foil shaped fin. QCC has been using that method for awhile now so I assume someone with money to lose has decided it's workable. It's a $300 option on their boats,,,,I bought a Sealine blade and spring for around $30,,still haven't figured out the pivot but it can't be rocket science. Just think if CLC had a skeg kit based on a spring loaded hydrodynamic fin that could fit in every CLC kayak? Wow,,economy of production,,wouldn't have to have three different kinds of skeg kit parts for Pax18,20,,and the rest of the line.

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