Re: info on chessapeake 1

Posted by Paul on Jan 4, 2005

I my last message ,it should have read "reduce cockpit volume" rather than lower cockpit volume. Just hope nobody got confused on the technicality. I've only been over once and had to pump out the cockpit with my full sized Guzzler foot activated pump. Even though the cockpit was only about half full, that was enough water sloshong around to make taking my hands off the paddle (bracing) to even get my spray skirt back on impossible. It took a good 10 mins at least to get enough water out to be stable enough to let go of the paddle and get the skirt on. Not nice when in 35knts with a breaking 4ft chop.

Lesson:- Keep the cockpit volume as low as possible.

One manufacturer of glass kayaks here in Australia ,even installs longditudional bulkheads on each side of the cockpit,from bulkhead to bulkhead.

This reduces cockpit volume while effectively creating two airtight floatation chambers.

Cheers - Paul

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