Re: Stitching and Such MC

Posted by Jon T on Jan 4, 2005

I am building an MC 16.5 not a 13 but the manual I have covers both. The answer to your first question is yes, the beam measurement is from outside edge to outside edge. I believe the bottom should be flat, it certainly is on the 16.5. I would recommend examining the pieces to determine where the rocker is coming from. I wonder if the bilge panels are too short. On the 16.5 many of us have noted the bilge panel being too long and have had to shorten them. You might need to shorten your bottom piece slightly. I personally would unwire and figure out how to get the rocker out. Hopefully some MC 13 builders will respond soon!!!

In Response to: Stitching and Such MC13 by Gober on Jan 3, 2005



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