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Posted by Paul on Jan 3, 2005


Iam 5'8" and 169 lbs and find my 18 a good boat for long expeditions but way too heavy and large for the average day paddle.

Randy's comments are spot on.

Think about the type of paddleing you'll be doing mostly and build accordingly i.e. size ,weight etc of the boat and day trips or expeditions.

Mine has a sail system ,foot operated bilge pump rudder etc etc and weighs 70lb.

No real problems with the weight when in the water ,but not easy to lift etc.

Cant help with the Pax , but it probably could'nt be any further from a CH18 in design.

If I was building the 18 again ,I would certainly lower the shear line while keeping the same bow height to reduce windage.(i.e.18 LT)

Think about moving the front bulkhead back to fit your leg length to increase storage in the front compartment while lowering the cockpit volume.

Hope this helps

Cheers Paul

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