Stitching and Such MC13

Posted by Gober on Jan 3, 2005

Hello Everyone,

I finally got around to stitching up my MC 13 this weekend. It looks good but I have a few questions. 1) When the plans say the beam is 29.5 inches is that the total outside measurement at the specified length from the bow? 2) I stitched her up but now I have a fair amount of rocker going on, I dont think she is suppose to have any. I can remove the rocker by strapping the bow to my heavy duty 16 foot ladder(my work bench) and ratching the stern down to the bench with straps. This makes the bottom almost flat, the question is; if I do this and fillet her will the rocker come back after it dries and I remove the straps? Do I need to care about the rocker, if the stern sits flat the bow raises about 3 inches.

Thanks, Gober



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