Re: requesting pax 20 ins

Posted by Ian F on Jan 3, 2005

I demo'ed the CLC Pax 20 a few years ago when it was new and despite me being very much a beginner I found it to be a nice boat. I later read they target the boat towards more experienced kayakers and in hindsight, they probably wouldn't have let me out in it had they known I'd paddled a kayak (my friend's 17LT) only once before.

Very tight cockpit, but suited my 5'10", 165 lb frame nicely. Felt pretty fast to me, although my technique is suspect... Stability was good and boat wakes didn't worry me in the bay. I don't remember turning to be an issue, but I wasn't exactly pressed for space.

To me, this would be a perfect "day boat" rather than for trips needing storage.

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