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Posted by Mac on Jan 3, 2005


PLEASE look into CLC's "Choosing a Kayak" chart.

At 165 lbs, unless you fully load a CH18 with cargo every time you paddle (as 200lb Randy does), you'll bob around like a cork in this huge kayak. This is CLC's biggest - meant for folk over 6' tall and up to 270lbs.

In comparing a Pax to a Ch18? Think dragster to Grand Caravan.

You seem to like long kayaks. A West River 18 is long, multi-chined, sexy and fast. Way more suited to your weight range than Pax 20 or Ch18.

If you prefer the long Chesapeak shape, I wouldn't advise anything bigger than a 17 Light - especially if you ever plan to paddle it empty.

All of these boats are designed to perform at their optimum with a certain weight on board. Too much weight - well the results are obvious. Too little however, can be just as alarming as it affects stability, weathercocking and the ability to effectively lean and edge for control (turns).

All the best....

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