Re: First Kayak Air Bubbl

Posted by Ken Leffert on Jan 2, 2005

How many bubbles? Just a few, or are there thousands of them everywhere?

I hate to try to even answer your question, I've only built one boat and don't have any experience with your problem. Hopefully, someone with experience in your particular situation will chime in here.

If the bubbles are everywhere, sounds like outgassing for sure. Everybody talks about rising temperature causing outgassing, but it has occured to me that stable temperatures with falling barometric pressure could cause it too.

If there's just one or two or three bubbles ..... sand them out even if they are under the glass. But, glass cloth doesn't like to be sanded into. It can be done on a small scale with no harm. I wouldn't even contemplate doing it all over a hull....

If they're everywhere ..... my advice would be to proceed with the fill coats of epoxy. If after two or three fill coats, with sanding, those bubbles are still bothering you, maybe plan on a painted hull with a varnished deck, the 1" roundover paint scheme that you see on most of the boats on this website (as well as in CLC's showroom) is, in my opinion, a much more attractive finish than all-over varnish.

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