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Posted by LeeG on Jan 2, 2005

you're right,,using a squeegee on the inside is a bit awkward,,I was sure I did a good job with some light 3.25oz tight weave on the inside then later on I noticed some waviness from too much epoxy that didn't get sqeegeed out. I was using RAKA expoxy in about 55-60 degrees. The MAS is more forgiving for using rollers than most other slow cure epoxies that are quicker or have a more distinct cure point. With a very slow cure epoxy like MAS the roller wont heat up. I don't know what the Systems3 SilverTip is like. Another thing that helps is getting the shop as close to 70 degrees as possible,,cold wood will make for cold epoxy and cold epoxy will not move through the glass and off with the squeegee very well. I bet there's a couple pounds more epoxy in the glass when trying to glass at cold temps with thick epoxy. If you're going to have extra epoxy in the weave it might as well be in extra glass.

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