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Posted by craig on Jan 2, 2005

Jarem, it seems that you are trying to make two boats out of one. The Pax 20 is comparable, speed wise to most of the "fast" production kayaks out there. The QCC700 is faster, the Seda Glider about equal and so on. 165 pounds is kind of light for this boat. I weigh 175+ and have at times thought 190 would fit the boat volume best. Primary stability takes some getting used to. Secondary stability is very good, sometimes too good. Turning radius is about three weeks, with a rudder. If I were to build another, I would probably toss the skeg and start with a rudder, the 3x21 blade of single rudder doesn't help. It is a very harsd boat to enter in the surf. I have been broached several times trying this. Storage would be minimal. The shear in the aft section is very low. It is hard to even get a pair of tennis shoes and a shirt into the back. I would not recomend trying to put a hatch in the front. The deck is heavily tortured and fitting the cover would be very hard. It might also affect the structural rigidity of the deck. This might be very bad, due to the length of the boat and possible flex it might allow. It is not an uncomfortable boat, if you like the feel of being a sardine. You have to have a tight cockpit to get it to lean, turning involves leaning it way over and kicking the rudder hard, and a tight cockpit doesn't allow for much wiggle room. Heavily loading the boat may seriously affect turning and will definitely slow the boat. I built minr in about three months, but this was working on it every day and all weekend, every weekend. All told it was about a fourtten hundred dollar project, counting 25 c-clamps, the 24 foot table I built for glueing up the panels, an ROS, Interlux paint, Schooner varnish, and paint brushes, squeegees,and such. I know that I missed a few things, but, it would proably be best if you could try one. Craig

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