tips on glassing inside

Posted by Brett on Jan 1, 2005

Hi all,

Im just about to install the deck on my CLC double. Before I do however I am going to go back to the inside of the cabin area and sand all the runs out of my very first glassing experience. I know most of them wont be visible when the deck is on, but im a fuss pot and I will know they are there.

But anyway a tip some people might find useful. the manual doesn't introduce the idea of rolling rather than brushing on 2nd, 3rd and 4th coats until you are glassing the outside of the hull. I tried brushing my second coat on inside the cockpit and even though I went fairly thin I still got a lot of runs. On the outside however I am extremely happy with my hull - it is flawless in my very bias opinion!! The big differnce was rolling on super thin coats - so for those preparing to glass the cockpit - perhaps try rolling on a very thin 2nd and 3rd coat rather than brushing on - you will get a much nicer finish.




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