Re: Steve has a point, Ku

Posted by Laszlo on Jan 1, 2005


"Committing" hari-kari is so negative and has criminal connotations that miss the cultural point that it was an honorable act to get you out of a bad spot with honor intact. Come on, be positive in the New Year. You don't have to say "enjoying" hari-kari, but you could say something like "choosing" hari-kari, or "performing" hari-kari and get closer to the true spirit of the thing.

As for your job, I knew there was a reason you were oubuilding all the rest of us, and now it surfaces. Super-Kurt was cheating! Super-Kurt has feet of dookie-schmutz. Makes me wonder if Super-Kurt is correct in his opinion of Texas beers.

Seriously though, I wonder if it'd be possible to institutionalize the phenomenon -change labor laws so that we'd get a sabbatical year to catch up on the things that make life worth living instead of just paying the bills. Not only would you get a 14% improvement in unemployment (gotta replace the 1/7th who are on sabbatical), but people returning from sabbaticals would be relaxed, healthy, satifisfied, ready to work on something other than houses, lawns and boats and will have broken the frenzy cycle that makes poor business decisions look like such a good idea.

Any chance in 2005 - 2009? Nahh! But we can dream, right?

Hope everyone's hangover has cleared up,


In Response to: Re: Steve has a point, Ku by Kurt Maurer on Dec 31, 2004



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