Remember one thing, Kurt

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Dec 31, 2004

That now famous saying, not "Remember the Alamo" but the Canadian version:

"Remember the Rebuild"

Dookie schmutz fillitwithputzystuff it up, glass her butt tight, and do the hockey pockey with candy apple red metalic paint. Heck, go all out and use silver paint to draw on some nice side pipes for show. You'll have the hottest boat in town. Oh yeah, you don't live in town do ya. Ok, the neighbour's bull will love your boat and probably suffer the fantasy of driving its horns into the sides and ripping it to pieces. Just make sure you get at least one chance to take it out before all bull breaks loose.

Happy New Year, Kurt, I know you'll do a wonderful job of this project, just as you have done with your other projects.

Robert N Pruden

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