Re: Steve has a point, Ku

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Dec 31, 2004

Whoa NELLY, guys -- first things first!! I got to get this POS in good enough shape to FLOAT before thinking about finishes! Lucky find? HAH!! Just further evidence that Jesus loves you, but sports a severe 'tude about me, and is out for my hide!!!

It's really easy to waver between optimism and despondency with the thing; the guys who put it together were the world's most diabolical woodworkers! They had just enough talent to make what looks pretty decent from a few paces back, but talk about built-in time bombs. ARGH! They evidently couldn't twist a strip to save their miserable lives, but forged ahead regardless -- then graced ME with the sordid remains. Oh, what a bluckhead I am for taking this thing on... whimper, whine, moan.

I begin to believe they quit the flats when they laid the cockpit/recess template on the deck and discovered they didn't quite strip up to the point required. So today, I rearranged that bit of woodwork, and began adding the recess. At the end of the day I stepped back, ostesibly to admire my progress, and ended up bipolar. I must be nuts to not be starting a strip-built kayak from scratch.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day (to ponder the relative merits of committing hari-kari).

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Steve has a point, Kurt by Robert N Pruden on Dec 31, 2004



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