Re: Man is that luck or w

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Dec 31, 2004

Mac, so far, the beard gets to stay (can you believe Leslie actually likes it?!) I always hated shaving my chin and upper lip, which means I'm becoming mighty partial to it too.

Doug, you picked a beauty, dude! Just wait 'til you see your Guilly flesh out, and you'll understand why everyone calls it 'sexy'.

To all of y'all: this ain't gonna be a miraculous transformation. Rather, it's going to be a Bondo Book, as we used to call POS "hotrods" in my early daze. Remember those HOT 4-door Mavericks and Darts we used to piece together and hell around town in? Oh, brotherrr...

Robby, ol' bud, believe me, I've thought about you more'n once when it came to rehabbing This Old Boat! Anyone but a complete and total bluckhead like me woulda said "yeah, that's nice. NEXXXT!!!" But you and I understand that kayaks ought never die. It's a sin to let 'em die. Or something, don't really know what.

But enough banter! I have a Frankenstein (no, FraaahnkenSTEEEEN) to ressurect!! BWA, Ha Ha ha ha ha haaa!!!

:::flash of lightning, roar of thunder:::

Cheers, Kurt

Oh, and Happy New Year!! toot! toot! toot!

In Response to: Man is that luck or what? by Robert N Pruden on Dec 31, 2004



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