Re: Building Help- Califo

Posted by Scott on Nov 1, 2004


I went ot the builders club page of this site and put in 95404 zip code and came up with three names of builders of clc boats in Santa Rosa. Tom K (down near the bottom of list) seems to have the most building experience. You can go to the builders club yourself and send an e-mail to him or any of the other builders listed and I'm sure you will find someone who would be willing to help you finish your boat. Plan B would be to contact the folks at the Local Woodcraft store there in Santa Rosa (over in the K-Mart shopping center off 101. The Owner of the store (I think his name is Dan?) has built a couple of Kayaks and is a Kayaker himself and he could probably help you find someone to help you as well. Good Luck, Scott

In Response to: Building Help- California by Lisa Lambiase on Oct 31, 2004