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Posted by Terry Mcadams on Nov 1, 2004

One problem may be the size of the boat. An 18 is designed for larger paddlers (200 +lbs) and for folks doing long trips with very heavy loads. If the boat is too large for you, it can actually impede stability and performance.

Otherwise Lisa, like Russel said, why not finish it yourself? There's probably enough epoxy, glass cloth and parts to complete it. There should be a set of plans and an instruction manual with the boat also. If not, you can borrow or buy another.

You don't need any special tools at this point, save for a small handsaw or sabersaw to cut the hatches, a small, random orbital power sander, a shop vac to connect the sander to, a cartridge respirator (available at the home centers) and maybe five, 2" C clamps and about 15 spring clamps, an electric drill is nice, but easy enough to borrow. You'll also need sanding disks for the sander, paint, cheap foam brushes, some good masking tape. An enclosed place to work is nice, but folks have built them in the driveways.

So if the boat will suit you, why not complete it yourself? Thousands of others have before you.

Just thought of one other problem, though: I presume it will be very difficult for a Californian to make a kayak that does not look like a surfboard.


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