Kayak Sails

Posted by Paul on Oct 6, 2004

For those of you who asked ,I've included a link to my sail system. The main blue and yellow sail is a standard Pacific Action sail for a single kayak.(they also make one for a double which is much higher and about twice the area). Finding I wanted more sail area ,I made two "wing" sails which can be raised or lowered indepenantly, effectivly giving me 3 sail sizes for different wind strengths. The whole rig rotates enough to have 3,2 or 1 sails up for following or quartering winds. For reaching (side wind) 2 up. For pointing into the wind 2 or 1 up, I have found for pointing as high as possible , 1 up and paddleing at the same time ,gives hull speed for about 1/3 the normal effort,(depending on wind strength). I also regard the sails as another way of getting somewhere ,should I do a muscle or wrist etc, while I'm out there. The boat is my Ch 18, the sail also goes on my Ch 21 Double. Cheers --Paul

Kayak Sails


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