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Posted by Petewp on Sep 25, 2004

You have a few options...


Get mineral spirits and repeatedly wet and wipe the area with it to fasiclitate drying - if needed. Perhaps alchohol would be ok here too. At anyrate, Harris advocates mineral spirits as a cleaning solvent. Just be damned sure its all dry before you procede - I'd honestly give it atleast 24 hours after applying.


These are the underside panels. Why not do what I did with my WR180 and make the two bottom panels graphite/epoxy coated? Essentially what this is going to do is give you a faux black/grey gelcoat. The result is pleasing in that [besides your hull looking menacing] itll take scatches and still hold its black/grey color while paint under many of the same circumstances will peal right off revealing the wood underneath - yuck. For a brightfinish I suppose then this is a moot point, however if you decide to cover your hull with paint afterall, do the bottom two panels in graphite and enjoy durability.

Stains? Absolutely. I believe there are specific stains to be used with epoxy. Tho its not here in the photos by this manufacturer/designer Ive seen another reputable kayak producer do it with succesful results. Check with the management here for questions about stains - dont just wing-it at Home Depot.

Lastly, you could paint the bottom panels - perhaps even localey around the water spotted area. A well placed design or strip might be all you need? Id go for graphite here - but some folks gotz to have their bright colors.

Hope this helped. By the way - consider that the "spots" might not be water per se but mold. Whatever is said here - I'd ultimately consult with the management in a phonecall or email regarding this. You dont want a bandaid on something that perhaps shouldve been given an amputation.


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