1st timer epoxy fiasco

Posted by Aurel on Jul 11, 2004

Fortunantely not on my yak. That project is on hold as me and a few other neighbourhood dads are trying to help a little neighbourhood girl out who bought a Sunfish sailboat at a garage sale last weekend with her hard earned money. Fixer-upper is being kind. We're donating time and material to get it sea worthy. So far we've scrounged epoxy, Brightsides white, sanding discs and saw horses. Today was a ROS-a-thon and epoxy fest. First time epoxying for any of us....I may not continue the yak. What a disaster! So far we have epoxy running all over the hull, micro ballon mud mountains everywhere, a rag and a stir stick stuck to the hull, and a very impressive bug collection glued and mounted to the hull. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO THIS?!?!? And I'm the resident "expert" 'cause I read this forum and have wood in my basement to build a kayak with. My name is mud. There's your chuckle for the day. Go easy on me. By the way...anyone got a rudder for one of those little beasties in their garden shed or under the cottage porch that they don't need? Seems she didn't get one with the boat.



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