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Posted by Alex Ferguson on Jun 13, 2004


: and getting back into his kayak(We call it a John Wayne in New Zealand) I had a go at it at the local pool the other night and it is amazing the little amount of water that is left in the cockpit, I still haven't perfected the getting into the cockpit yet but with a little practice I'm sure it will come.

"Still haven't got back into the cockpit yet" is why I don't think it is a viable method. Now think about doing it when it is blowing 30 knots which is why you fell out in the first place.

I suggest you try the "kick-slide-twist" method. Grasp the cockpit rim, one hand each side, kick as hard as possible so you are horizontal and with one move slide across the cockpit and twist so you are sitting in it. Your feet will still be in the water acting as stabilizers and you will be as low as you would be if sitting in the cockpit. You can now deploy a paddle float if you need it, pump the cockpit and think about getting your feet back in the cockpit when ready.

If you are going to try it, hopefully the winter water is warmer up north around Auckland (Tony) than it is down here - 10 degrees C I was told it was yesterday off Banks Peninsula (New Zealand).


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