To avoid the mess

Posted by Bill Whitcomb on May 21, 2004

Perhaps it might be a little more time consuming but I find it easier, less frustrating and the coaming comes out better if the coaming is made as follows: (1)glue spacers together on but not to the deck (2)sand outside of spacers (off the deck) (3)glue the lip and spacers together on but not to the deck (4)seal the underside of the lip and outside of spacers with epoxy (5)either go thru the sanding and varnishing/painting steps on the outside of the spacers and the underside of the lip or at least get it prepared for varnishing/painting. I like doing it all OFF THE DECK. (6)glue the coaming to the deck (7)sand, seal and finish the coaming on the inside and top and you're done with the coaming

In Response to: underneath the coaming by peter shadbolt on May 21, 2004



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