Electric Paddle Outboard Motor

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Currently out of production.  New model coming in spring 2017.

The Electric Paddle is designed for kayaks, canoes, small tenders - both inflatable and hard-shell, sailing dinghies, inflatable pontoon boats.  It's suitable for salt or fresh water use.  This is not a trolling motor, it is the first highly efficent light-weight outboard specifically designed for small light-weight boats!
The Electric Paddle is a complete portable power system including a motor, a buoyant battery pack, and a 3-hour smart charger.  Additionally, it includes a motor lock with key, motor carry bag, spare propeller with integrated bearing, gear and spare pin. 
  • For kayaks, canoes, dinghies, inflatable pontoons and other small craft.
  • Battery & motor weigh under 16 lbs.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts about 2 hours at the full power setting.  Half power is around 4 hours and Low power is about 5 hours.
  • Simple set up and operation!  One plug to attach the battery pack, takes about one minute to set up (no assembly required).
  • 3 motor shaft lengths available: Short 15", long 20" and mini. Be sure to let us know which length you need (write it in the order notes).
  • Canoe and kayak motor mounts are not included, but are available.  Call for current price.  
Flat rate shipping of $65 with in the 48 US states.  The motors are shipped directly from the factory in Washington state.  Please allow for 2-3 weeks delivery time. 

Set-up requires no assembly and takes less than one minute:

  1. Clamp to the transom (or canoe/kayak motor mount). Tighten screws until the motor is secure.
  2. Adjust tilt stop so the motor is vertical when lowered.
  3. Plug battery connector into the motor and you're ready to go.
  4. Once you're in water deep enough for the motor (at least 18 inches) pivot the shaft into the water by pushing back on the tiller handle.  For convenience, all controls are at the end of the tiller handle. Insert the key and twist the throttle knob to go.
  5. The Electric Paddle is steered like a normal outboard motor.  The tiller is offset to the side to permit a more comfortable steering position.

Recharging the Battery:

To charge, plug in the Smart charger to a standard wall outlet (120/240v AC 50/60 Hz) and attach the battery cord to the charger. There's only one battery cord and one connector so there's no possible way to hook it up incorrectly. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach a full charge. The Smart charger draws less than 150 watts so you can use an inverter to power the charger while traveling on a larger boat or vehicle.

Electric Paddle Boat Speeds 

What others are saying:

Practical Sailor Magazine: January 2011
"The Electric Paddle had several features that stood out during testing . . . The lightweight motor was able to propel our small dinghy at a 2- 3 knot clip in calm water;"
Read an article in Practical Sailor Magazine
NW Yachting Magazine: August 2010
"This is a very cool and very well thought out system and not to mention, very green…[If] you want to be able to troll very slowly and very quietly, this is the total bomb!"
Read an article in NW Yachting Magazine
48° North Magazine: February 2010
Richard Hazelton writes about our electric boat motor:
"At $1,000 for motor, battery pack and charger, the Electric Paddle is a clean, well crafted product that will be just the ticket for many portable boaters."

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