Carbon Eyestraps

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Our boatbuilder friend Russell Brown makes these beautiful carbon fiber eyestraps.  Russell fabricates these in his shop for his own boats and boat kits, and now you can put them on your own boat.

We know from customer photos how much everyone esteems the look of well-done carbon fiber work.  A deep glossy finish over carefully laid-up carbon fiber is an exotic, and exotically beautiful, flourish on kayaks or other smallcraft.

But these aren't just an aesthetic tweak, not at all.  The advantages include light weight, a sleek profile, and here's the best thing:  you GLUE them to the deck of your kayak or small boat instead of screwing or bolting them on.  Carefully bonded, you will tear the deck off your kayak before these eyestraps will come loose.  We've tried. 

Carbon eyestraps can be retrofitted to an existing kayak.  (Just drill out and fill the screw holes of your old webbing loops with epoxy, then cover the filled hole with one tab of the eyestrap.)  Russell has made up a nice set of instructions (included) for retrofitting these to decks that are already varnished.  We've retrofitted several of our display boats.  You'll varnish over the carbon-epoxy eyestraps to make them glossy to match your deck.  (No hardware to remove when you're ready for a refinish.)

Save a buck each by ordering six-packs.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

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