Trailex SUT-250-SCLC Single Light Duty Carrier Kit

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99% of boat trailer stores specialize in just one thing: trailers for powerboats. Ask them for a kayak or canoe trailer and you'll get a funny look. After endless requests, we found a source for light trailer kits made just for those of us with kayaks or small boats.  Best of all, these trailers are shipped via UPS right to your door and are quick to assemble. Trailex trailers are solid aluminum, making them easy to move around your yard. And they won't rust!

The SUT-250-SCLC single boat trailer is custom made by Trailex for Chesapeake Light Craft, and is only available from us.  At 15' long it is ideal for hauling our longer and wider small craft such as the Jimmy Skiff, Skerry, Northeaster Dory, Passagemaker, Tenderly, Eastport Pram, Cocktail Racer, etc.  This model includes 8" wheels, a wide axle, spring suspension, 2 rollers, 2 side bunks for stability, Super Lube bearing caps with grease fittings (bearing buddies), running lights, and tag mount.

SUT-Special Specifications:

Width (outside of fenders) - 68"
Width (between fenders) - 54"
Carrying Capacity - 250 lbs.
Trailer Length - 15'
Shipping weight - 169 lbs.

Ball size - 1-7/8"

This trailer kit is custom made for us and is ONLY available through Chesapeake Light Craft. 


Note: Trailex kits are drop-shipped from the factory, so shipping fees still apply if you are picking one up at our shop in Maryland. Trailex does not ship to Canada or overseas. Canadian customers may ship to U.S. - Canada border locations with Kinek.   

Check out the assembly instructions here: [PDF

Trailer Licensing and Registration: 

Most states require a trailers to be licensed; please refer to you local motor vehicle administration for specific details.  Each trailer is issued a Certificate of Origin by Trailex and Bill of Sale by Chesapeake Light Craft.  All drop-shipped trailers will arrive before the registration paperwork.  The Certificate of Origin must be sent to CLC to be signed over to the first owner of the trailer.  Please allow 7-10 days for paperwork to arrive.  

Attention Louisiana customers! It is our understanding LA law will only allow registration of in state trailer purchases. Please check with your local laws prior to placing your trailer order. It would be costly to have to return a trailer, and we could not cover these costs.

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