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The styling is pretty conservative---this hull wouldn't look out of place in the 1930's.  But it's 100% functional.  No detail is there without a purpose.  A lot of energy went towards combining a cuddy cabin with a fast sailing hull.  The most important thing in a 15-foot boat is not to crowd the crew into a tiny cockpit at the stern, which, lamentably, is the approach of a lot of pocket cruiser designs.  The only reason I can see that designers do this is to make their pocket cruiser look like a scaled-down 30-footer.  I rejected that approach in all details, instead working to optimize the design within the limitation of the 14'10" length.  (Two sheets of 8-foot plywood with a scarf joint.)  PocketShip's cabin is larger than fiberglass pocket cruisers on the market, but the crew can sit well forward in the boat while sailing, to keep her transom from dragging in lubberly fashion.