Sailboat fiberglassing omited?

Hello, I want to know how critical is the fiberglass on sailboats like the Eastport Pram or the Skerry, here in Mexico is difficult and expensive to get fiberglass cloth, so I do not know if it can be substituded by marine varnishes or paints. Maybe I can only use fiberglass tape and epoxy on the seams, and not on the entire boat.

So anyone with more experience can colaborate?

 Thank you

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RE: Sailboat fiberglassing omited?

I don't have advice for you, but you might try emailing CLC directly using the contact us link.  

RE: Sailboat fiberglassing omited?

The strength gained from the fiberglass is incredible.  I would worry that you might punch a hole through the hull if you hit a rock or even step a bit too hard into the boat without the FG.

The glassed hull can withstand hammer blows, while the non-glassed parts shred!  Don't ask me how I know...just trust me on that one.  The glassing is worth the cost and effort.

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