Better Seats- Mill Creek

I've never liked the seats of my MC 16.5. I bought it off Craigslist last year, It's an older boat built by someone who had novice (at best) skills and the seats are falling apart (not to mention being uncomfortable).

In early May I'm heading on a little road trip to go lake hunting for 3 days in the Klamath Falls region.  I'm excited about going on this trip, but I'd hate to have a sore bum after only one day.

I am thinking about replacing the seats with something like this

and secured like this

Thoughts, suggestions?  I'm hoping to find something quick & easy to put in, comfortable and light. . . and (hopefully) affordable.

Thanks everyone


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RE: Better Seats- Mill Creek

I'm building a MC 16.5 and have the same concerns about those seats.  My wife likes them because they are cute.  I've been looking at these but I don't know if they will fit: 

There is also this seat from CLC:

RE: Better Seats- Mill Creek

Jeff if your wife likes the kit seats I think they'll hold up fine if built properly, and to make them more comfortable you could possibly add some sort of cushions or padding to them.

The seat you posted in the second link is more like what I was looking for. And the price is right too. I might order one of those as a trial and report back how it does.

RE: Better Seats- Mill Creek

I got the creature comfort seat for my millcreek 13 and it is very comfortable and looks very well made. Just my 2 cents.

RE: Better Seats- Mill Creek


Let us know which seat you go with and how it works out.

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