WATCO Exterior Wood Oil

Getting ready to oil my seat slats on the MC 16.5. Has anyone used this before? MSDS shows it containins raw linseed oil, mineral spirits and UV resins. I was planning on using Minwax Tung oil but it does not have anything for UV protection.

I can get WATCO localy for $13 a quart. I really don't want to spent $30 on a quart of Cetol or pay to ship something...

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RE: WATCO Exterior Wood Oil

It would appear that WATCO "Teak Oil" and "Exterior Wood" have the same ingredients, raw linseed, mineral spirits, naphtha and UV protectants. Same MSDS for both and are listed as Exterior/ Marine oils. The Teak oil is thinned a little more to allow beter penetration on dense woods. I found the "Teak" at Lowes for $7.00 a quart.

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