chs 17 ft deck cutout

I have competed the hull  and installed the deck beams and the  next step is cutting out the fore and aft decks. I understand putting the sheet of ply down and scribing around it and cutting the deck out leaving a margin to be trimmed off after fastening it down. Do I cut out the cockpit shape at this time or after the nailing and glue down?

    I am a new member and a first time builder. and I give thanks all to past and future forum  contributors,


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RE: chs 17 ft deck cutout

Cut the cockpit coaming out before attaching the deck, but cut it an inch or two smaller than the opening.  That gives you some wiggle room when positioning the deck.  The opening makes it easier to add the butt block under each side where the fore and aft decks join.  Also, the two decks have different cambers and would interfer with each other in the middle without the opening being cut out.  Make sure you have plenty of time for this step (a few more hands might help, too) and make a dry run or two to check out what needs to be done.  It's an important step with a very visible end result.

Good luck.

RE: chs 17 ft deck cutout

Pete --

ootdb is right, on all counts.

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