Day One Complete...and Stressful!

The bilge, sheer and bottom panels are glued on our MC 16.5.  My advice which means squat: glue these things on an elevated surface so you can see what you are doing (unless your are a circus freak)!  I had to do it on the floor and when the panels are all stacked and aligned, it is REALLY hard to get the epoxy on the scarfs without moving them.  After reading the manual several times, I decided to try West Six-10 epoxy on the scarfs.  It just seemed simple to squirt the stuff in like caulk...but I don't think it was any easier.  I still needed to use a foam brush to spread it.  I did this in a hallway in our basement.  We have a 3-car garage but, I need to move some things around so I can get a 16.5ft boat in there.  When it is time to glass, paint and varnish, it will definitely go to the garage.  I just hope I did not loose my offsets during the glue process.  I had to move my stringline.  I had everything clamped at least two feet from the scarfs.

The Six-10 product is easy enough to use, but for the scarfs, I'll stick to the MAS next time.  I'll use the remaining Six-10 on the fillets and MAS for everything else.

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RE: Day One Complete...and Stressful!

Jeff---breath deeply and repeat this--- If this was easy then everyone would do it.  Your boat when completed in all its glory with an oops and a should have or 2 will be whats sets you apart from all the rest of the pack. 99.9% of them will not know what is represented and the voyage it took when they admire your boat and certainly will not recognize an oops even if they are looking at it.

It reminds me of a saying--"Do you travel to get to your vacation or is the travel part of the vacation? Enjoy the voyage and keep us posted-----CZ

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