I'm seriously length challenged!

Damn, I started working on my MC 16.5 tonight and have realized I need to clean out my garage!  I have a 3-car garage and that's plenty of room.  However, it has a lot of crap inside.  Our basement is fully finished and at the moment, I may at least glue my bottom, bilge and sheer panels down there.  I can even stitch down there.  But sanding and paint means the garage.  

Have any of you other guys been length challenged;)

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RE: I'm seriously length challenged!

Basement Shop 18' 2" long. Kayak 17' 6" long. Work area  wide. Have to keep door closed because of laundry in next room. When I need to work on the other side I take the boat up the stairs outside turn it around and bring it back in.

That's length and width challenged. 

RE: I'm seriously length challenged!

Work Area 6' wide.

sorry for the mistake

RE: I'm seriously length challenged!

i had to build my petrel on my finished back porch i have a very small two car garage with a wall that sperates the two and i can just get a full size two door pickup truck in my garage thats were i'm sanding glassing and vranishing not much room to get around the end to go from side to side

RE: I'm seriously length challenged!

Personally no-----In the room to work- --width was the issue. I had a piece of the heavy cardboard over my table saw and shaper table that came with my ply from CLC, this  worked well for assembly and stich and glue. When glassing the exterior of the hull --I needed the glass cloth to hang freely below the sheer and that was not possible on top of my make shift table. My simple solution was to place the hull over 2 plastic trash cans which left me enough enough room to work from one side--when I needed to get to the other side I gently nudged each can to the other side and continued to work. The biggest worry was not to nudge the cans to hard and have the partialy epoxied hull land on the floor into the dust.....CZ

RE: I'm seriously length challenged!

                            I was HEIGHT challenged,

The basement window was 10 1/2 inches high, so I build all winter in the basement, then last week moved to the garage.

Had to cut down the forward bulkhead, and wait to install the deckbeam, but now I can sand to my hearts delight, and not get the house all dusty.




RE: I'm seriously length challenged!

You could do a lot more work in your basement if you had a good vacuum (Fein, e.g.), quiet and with an effective filter, to help when you sand, either by hand or with an ROS.  Cover the floor, if necessary.  If too much sanding dust escape the vacuum, build a plastic shed to work in (like the paint and heat enclosures mentioned on the Forum).  For ventilation, use a box fan securely taped into a plastic wall.  Put one or more (stacked) furnace filters over the inlet face of the fan to reduce dust blowing out.  Leave a hole at least as large as the fan in a wall far away from the fan.  All the comforts of home and the neighbors will remember some scenes from ET.

Good luck wherever you build.

RE: I'm seriously length challenged!

Let's see ... boat is 17' 9" long, shed is 18' long. Boat is 3' 2" wide, shed is 10' wide minus 4' for the workbench so 6' usable width ... that gives me about a foot and a half on either side of boat to maneuver in, plenty of room! I have to duck underneath boat to get to the other side ;) With the weather breaking, I can open up the end doors to give me enough room to actually walk around it. Looking forward to getting out on the water ... and planning my next build!

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