Cutting Chesse 16 deck

Finally got the deck on my Chesse 16 attached.  I have reviewed the video and book and it shows it is cut from the top side.  Does it matter how you cut it or is it preference?  For me it would seem easier to cut it upside down so I can see the hull and make sure I am not cutting into it?.  Thanks.

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RE: Cutting Chesse 16 deck

The direction does matter based on tear out. You can cut from either side, but if you cut top down any tear out will occur on the bottom side, hiding it from view.

RE: Cutting Chesse 16 deck

I cut off all my decks with the boat upside down using a Japanese pull saw. No tear out and there will be a 16th or so left anyway which will require sanding. I like seeing the hull during that operation.

George K

RE: Cutting Chesse 16 deck

I'd go with George's suggestions.  I cut out all the panels of my Chesapeake 16 with a Japanese Saw. One can split a pencil line with one.

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