Problem with 17LT

Problem with making two Ches 17LT is the second boat is looking so much better than the first that I am going to have to make a third to replace the first. 

 Jeff :)

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RE: Problem with 17LT

I can see that as your skills grow with each boat that you could get critical of your earlier work. I do not know what sort of time frame the two boats represent but I can say that as a married man free time will probably temper that problem for me. I came in from my shop close to midnight Friday & Saturday night and I think that after completing my first boat that a break before considering another would be wise. I have been checking out plans for river dory boats and I have even convinced myself that I should go for it and enjoy it with dad and our flyrods while I can. I do have a great wife but their are limits and as they say "timing is everything."

RE: Problem with 17LT

I entirely sympathize.  1st was a 17LT for me.  then a lt16 for my wife.  Now (3 years later)  I am building a petrel.  Haven't finished fiberglassing and I already want to do another with a better deck design.  Got a lot done in dec, Jan and have hardly touched it in march.  Life just keeps getting in the way.  You know, Wife, Taxes, Work (don't get me wrong.  I'm glad to be working), New vanity for bath, paint the bedroom,  visit Dad in the hospital,  Do Dad's taxes.  Its unfair.  We need a law requiring paid vacation once every 3 years for one month to allow boatbuilding. 




RE: Problem with 17LT

That's why it took me 9 years to complete a 12-ft dinghy.

In France, everyone takes the month of August off. They also get to have real croissants for breakfast and Carla Bruni for 1st Lady. Shame about the snail-eating, though.



RE: Problem with 17LT

That's so long it might make you a little dingy ;)

My wife has been very patient with me stinking up and trashing the basement. Our kids lives 3000 miles apart, the closest is in Beantown. This gives me lots of hobby time. But, nowhere near enough for this, my latest obsession.

Also, my homebrewing equipment is looking awfully lonely in the other corner of the basement and everyone is bummed when I show up with store bought


RE: Problem with 17LT


I just think of the dinghy as being aged like a fine French wine.

I thoroughly enjoy watching people here get "the bug". I had every intention of building 2 kayaks. Nine boats later I can't wait to get started on the next one. (And you're looking forward to that as well.) And I think you should send Dan your grog recipe as it's not as time consuming as home brewing!


George K


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