Thinning epoxy?

What do I use (i.e., alcohol), and would Bekols solvent work?

Also, what percentages?

Appreciate any info/insight, thanks,


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RE: Thinning epoxy?

As far as I know you can't thin epoxy.  The only choice is to use it in warmer conditions where it would be naturally thinner.

 Alcohol does a good job of cleaning up after epoxy - but I would be afraid that if you mixed it in - you would get a result that would either never set - or if it did set would not be strong or smooth.

RE: Thinning epoxy?


I've read somewhere that you can thin it (I think with about 10% alcohol but want to confirm that).  Strength isn't my goal, as I'm simply coating glass on my coaming... spreadability (is that a word?) is what I'm after. 

Given your comments I'll hold off until I get more feedback;



RE: Thinning epoxy?

The best thing to do would be to check on the epoxy manufacturer's web site or else give them a call/e-mail since it could vary by brand.  I know from experience that both MAS and System 3 are very quick with e-mail responses.

RE: Thinning epoxy?

You can increase the "spreadability" of epoxy by warming it (and the surface to which you are planning to apply it.).... putting a work light with an ordinary light bulb near the resin & hardener jugs for an hour or so (or putting the closed jugs in a bucket of hot water) will help significantly..... it's just like warming up a jar of honey or bottle of maple syrup...warm = runny...but when it's cold, it's as slow moving as......molasses. 

Julie K.

RE: Thinning epoxy?

System 3 Marine Epoxy can be thinned up to 10% by volume with lacquer thinner. System 3 Silvertip cannot be thinned.

Thinned epoxy should never be used for a structural purpose, such as glue.It should always be covered with a layer of unthinned epoxy to seal the holes left by evaporating thinner.

So the takeaway is - it's definitely possible with some brands for some applications, but with all the restrictions you'd be better off with using a short nap roller and a low-viscosity epoxy, such as Silvertip, to get thin layers.



RE: Thinning epoxy?

Thanks everyone.  In the end I wound up going with it straight (MAS w-slow hardener).  It warmed up enough that I was able to get a good coat on and the result was very nice.  My very scratched up (i.e., sanded) carbon coaming came out shiney & smooth!  That's my favorite part of this boat.

Couple pics:


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