When to stain?

I am planning to stain the centre deck panel on my wife's WD12.  So my question is when should I stain it?  Before stitching; stitched, not epoxied or after filleted?  I'm thinking before stitching with touch ups after sanding.

I read a post by dehager who stained his MC16.5, two coats before attaching deck, two coats after.  difference here is that the MC has a one piece deck, the WD has the two side panels and I am worried about bleed over. http://www.clcboats.com/forum/clcforum/thread/5622.html - P.S. the pics of the MC look REALLY NICE!

Looking for someone who has stained a deck that has the side panels.


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RE: When to stain?

I would say that you would want to wait until after sanding to stain, as if you stain before hand, you will sand all of the color off.  Just be careful not to get any epoxy on the panels when you are filling the seams or it will seal the wood against the stain.  

RE: When to stain?

I have never built a boat, but I have done some wood working projects.  I am 100% sure you want to stain before you epoxy and before glass is added.

RE: When to stain?

Stain first. I can guarantee you will get some epoxy on the panels no matter how careful you are. even if you mask off the panels to be stained. The epoxy will penetrate the outer layer of veneer and will be impossible to sand off so the stain won't penetrate. If you sand the panels with 220 first, wet them down and sand again the grain will be minimal when you stain them.

George K

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