sanding a stipped deck

I am about ready to fair and smooth the stripped deck prior to glassing on my Wood Duck 10 hybrid.  The manual says to finish with 220 paper.  But I am confused as "Builders' Tips" says not to use 220(to finish with 120) so that glass will adhere better.

Any advice would be appreciated.





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RE: sanding a stipped deck


 I had the same question when building my Shearwater hybrid.  See the response from John Harris below:

Gosh, we always take it to 220 and have never had an adhesion problem.  I suspect Nick (Schade, author of the Builders Tip), ever the careful boatbuilder, is sanding by hand "with the grain," whereas we use power tools.  MAS Epoxy is also non-fussy about wood adhesion, bless it.




RE: sanding a stipped deck

Thanks Andy!



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