wood duck 12 hybrid

Hello everyone,----new member and new to building a CLC boat. I wanted to introduce myself and warn all of you that I will be firing of some questions soon regarding my wood duck hybrid 12. Compliments to the Laszlo Blog and some of the well thought out deviations made with his wood duck project. Also of interest is the comuter graphic design transfer post. First I will be contemplating safe heat in my shop--especially for glassing--I have a wood stove for heat---maybe that was not the best foot forward question to lead off with????

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RE: wood duck 12 hybrid

Welcome to the club, and soon to the fleet!

As far as your wood stove is concerned, I'd be concerned with the possibility of soot, as well as all the flammable items needed to build a boat (especially solvents and thinners).

Have fun and keep us posted,


RE: wood duck 12 hybrid

I prefer electric heat for it's cleanliness. Even though I'm in FL we do get the occasional cold snap here! (Like the two weeks this winter that killed all my tropical plants.)

And fire away with those questions. Laszlo does know a bit about the Ducks! (And darned near anything else boatwise you can throw at him!)

George K

RE: wood duck 12 hybrid

Thank-you for the replys-the duck ply is in transit from ClC. How critical is air contamination. Would the wood stove be good comfort heat during the wood construction and maybe the resin and tape stage--with electric heat during the glass stage--can the cantaminates be cleaned before the glassing stage or is it to risky with too much at stake??? Thanks again Steve

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